International research seminar, October 1-2, 2015.

Venue: University of Copenhagen, Amager Campus, Auditorium 27.0.17.

In this international seminar we want to make a status of the field of mediatization research at the same time as we would like to look ahead and discuss possible developments and challenges, both theoretically and empirically. The agenda of this seminar is divided into three thematic areas within which mediatization research has made recent contributions: Culture, conflict, organization. A fourth theme concerns the status and future of the field of mediatization research. Each of the themes will be addressed by a series of keynote presentations.

Confirmed speakers for the seminar include: Marian Thomas Adolf, Lynn Schofield Clark, Knut Lundby, Peter Lunt, Josef Pallas and Caja Thimm,

To register for this seminar (with or without paper), please read the full cfp: