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  • ECREA TWG Children Youth and Media
  • ECREA Section Mediatization
  • ICA Children Adolescents and Media Division
  • Charles University, Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism
  • Masaryk University, Department of Media Studies and Journalism & Institute for Research of Children, Youth and FamilyMedia Education Lab

Contact: christine.trueltzsch@gmail.com

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Call for Papers

Young people of today are born in a digital environment and are used to observing their parents interacting with digital devices from their earliest days. In a mediatized society all fields of society are increasingly shaped by media and particularly digital media have gained ever more importance with regards to the socialisation of children and adolescents: On the one hand they see other family members using and interacting with digital media and on the other hand they start to use them at a more and more early stage of life. Burke and Marsh (2014; Marsh et al. 2016) stress that this does not only lead to diverse activities and online practices but also that in these experiences the online domain cannot be separated from the offline domain anymore – both are seamlessly merging in children’s play and interaction. As Livingstone & Lunt (2014) point out mediatization means that not only the media are changing, but also their effects on institutions and practices across society. Amongst other societal and cultural changes the mediatization of childhood and adolescence challenges concepts of trust, control and privacy as well as their interrelation.  Much of this discourse advocates for children and young people’s privacy, at the same time the control parents are seeking might jeopardise their privacy as well. Behind all these processes and meaning-making, on both individual and collective levels, can however be found a more fundamental question of “trust”.

Therefore this pre-conference looks at trust, how it is constructed, negotiated and practised in context of children and young people’s public and private media and digital lives. We want to discuss the various concepts of trust, control and privacy with regards to children, adolescents and their families. Besides we are interested to relate this to questions of media literacy and its significance in a mediatized society.

The pre-conference is focused on the following topics but is not limited to:

  • The theorization and conceptualization of trust in relation to privacy and control
  • The mediatization of family life in the digital world – how do families deal with the new options for control?
  • A reflection on who and what to trust with respect to phenomena related to children, youth, and media. Are there, for example, new ‘digital heroes’?
  • A discussion of the role of the mediatization of trust and control in inter-human relations in respect of the decreasing awareness of privacy issues
  • Platform related trust and control – how do children and youth act on social media activities in relation to interpersonal trust and privacy control?
  • Trust, control, and privacy as issues for media literacy
  • Trust and/or distrust in the media and information online (e.g. with respect to the role of the public broadcaster, fake news etc.)
  • Trust in the context of the (rationale underlying) methodological choices made when doing research with and on children, youth and media
  • Security, privacy and trust in media
  • Social media and (dis)trust
  • New machines and Internet of things (IoT) – how to trust and control new technologies?

The pre-conference addresses all members of the ECREA TWG Children, Youth and Media, the ECREA Section Mediatization, and the ICA Division Children Adolescents and Media as well as all scholars interested in the concept of trust, control, and privacy in relation to children, adolescents, and media research. Various empirical, methodological and theoretical contributions that pertain to different academic disciplines and methodologies which are in some way related to the concept of trust and privacy are welcome.

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Date and venue

May 23th 2018 (09:00-17:00)

Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism

Charles University Prague

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Full Programme online

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