Mediatization: media, power and change

Call for the panel of the
ECREA TWG Mediatization
at the ECREA 2012 conference SOCIAL MEDIA & GLOBAL VOICES,
24 to 27 October 2012 in Istanbul

Chairs: Andreas Hepp, Stig Hjarvard, Sonia Livingstone

We live in times in which ‘media’ have become part of nearly everything: our work, our leisure time, politics, organizations, economy and other parts of culture and society rely more and more on media communication. To grasp this increasing media saturation, ‘mediatization’ has become a core concept for analyses and critical reflection. Mediatization does not refer to a closed theory of media change, but rather it invites an open investigation of the interplay of media communicative change, on the one hand, and other processes of social and cultural change on the other. In this way, mediatization seeks to understand the role of media developments in relation to other processes of modernity such as, most notably, globalization, individualization and commercialisation.

Within the such an overall understanding of mediatization the aim of the panel “Mediatization: media, power and change” is to discuss how far processes of mediatization are related to questions of power as part of media and communicative change. Both empirical as well as theoretical papers are invited, focusing especially on following topics:

  • In which way are processes of mediatization related to ‘empowerment’ and ‘disempowerment’?
  • How can we integrate ‘questions of power’ into theories of mediatization?
  • How far does the present or historical mediatization support certain ‘forms of authority’?

Abstracts should be written in English and contain a clear outline of the argument, the theoretical framework, and, where applicable, methodology and results. The preferred length of the individual abstracts is between 400 and 500 words (the maximum is 500 words). All abstracts should be submitted by e-mail not later than 28 February 2012 to the ECREA TWG chair (Andeas.Hepp(at) The panel “Mediatization: media, power and change” itself can consist out of up to 5 papers.

For further information on the ECREA TWG Mediatization please visit

You can download the CfP here.

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