We live in times in which ‚media‘ have become part of nearly everything: our work, our leisure time, politics, organizations, economy and other parts of culture and society rely more and more on media communication. To grasp this increasing ‚media saturation‘, we propose the concept of ‚mediatization‘. Mediatization does not refer to a closed theory of media change, but rather it invites an open investigation of the interplay of media communicative change, on the one hand, and other processes of social and cultural change on the other. In this way, mediatization seeks to understand the role of media developments in relation to other processes of modernity such as, most notably, globalization, individualization and commercialization.

The aim of the ECREA section „Mediatization“ is to bring European mediatization research together in order to stimulate an open, rich and informed exchange on theoretical and empirical questions of mediatization. The following topics are of particular interest to the working group:

  • Developing theoretical discussion on mediatization and related questions of change;
  • Stimulating and discussing empirical research on mediatization, focusing on present as well as historical changes;
  • Articulating a critical understanding of the interrelation between communicative, social and cultural change based on a well-informed analysis of mediatization;
  • Supporting sustainable cooperation and exchange of mediatization research with other fields of media and communication research and practice.

Further information about the ECREA section „Mediatization“ can be found in its objectives and modus operandi. A summary of the former TWG Mediatization activities in 2011-14 can be found in the yearly reports below. Additionally you can contact a member of its management team.

The yearly reports can be found under  https://www.ecrea.eu/Mediatization.